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SSGI recognises its ethical responsibility to its Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Investors, and Local Communities. Within Sierra Leone, situations and environments are constantly changing. We are therefore continually developing our corporate citizenship polices practices and procedures.

Our Vision & Values Policy, our code for good corporate citizenship seeks to establish best practice guidelines for all the areas within the company, covering a number of important ethical areas including Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities & Diversity. The policy is there for all employees throughout our company and sets a standard to which all SSGI employees must adhere to.

In January 2009, SSGI assumed responsibility of the GTZ Training Academy in Kissy when German Government Programme Funding was withdrawn. SSGI now have responsibility for providing free technical engineering and auto electrical training to 60 apprentices a year.

This is a funded entirely by SSGI who are the only private security company in Sierra Leone with an organised technical training scheme to give something back to the Sierra Leone and assist in the country’s development. We believe this is a firm example of private industry engaging with the communities to help disenfranchised youngsters achieve their goals.

Upon graduation, SSGI will offer career opportunities to some of the trainees and will also assist with finding employment across our client base and technical services network.

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