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Today’s threats to business are constantly changing. Effective management of risk has become a world issue and it is essential that you have a reliable partner who has the expertise and resource to understand the threat, minimise the risk, and let you focus on the smooth running of your operation. Trusting and relying on SSGI will help you protect against violent crime, protect your information and assets, and enhance and protect your brand and hence your reputation.

At SSGI we focus on the provision of expert security services to protect vulnerabilities within your environment to minimise your security risk.  We’ll talk to you about your specific issues and work with you to deliver innovative solutions that really meet your business needs.

We understand security risk by:

  • Monitoring and advising on the threats to your business

  • Quantifying, assessing and protecting the vulnerabilities within your business

  • Keeping your business functioning for you to satisfy your customers.

We have experience of tailoring security solutions and services to the needs of our customers, from the deployment of security officers, planning and training, and security advice.  We have the highest quality security solutions to address your security needs, whatever industry sector you’re in.

A Reliable Partner

SSGI has expertise in understanding risks and developing security solutions to manage them:

Countrywide Manned Guarding Risk Management & Consultancy Services
Close Protection Teams Mobile Patrols
Countrywide Emergency Response Teams Surveillance Services
Countrywide Asset Recovery Teams Fire Protection & Emergency Response
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